A passion for plants and an enthusiasm to work in the open air led Mr. Arnaldo to open a small nursery at the beginning of the 60s where he could cultivate according to local needs.

Skills, professionalism and hard work meant that Mr. Arnaldo went beyond the usual communal boundaries allowing him to satisfy ever better his clients.

The nursery in the beginning became too small to satisfy it’s ever growing clientele and so he decided to slowly slowly acquire adjacent land, building the first greenhouses, thereby putting down the basis of the company of today.

With the arrival of his son Gabriele who having finished his studies , enthusiastically inherited from his father and continued to expand and modernize, increasing varieties and everything on offer, therefore becoming a reference point for the public and operators in this field.

Ever in search of new stimuli, without overlooking anything that is need for the garden ,you will discover and fall in love with the cultivation of healthy berries and fruit. Travelling in Italy and abroad, and with the help of worthy collaborators, we have been able to a production of a variety of fruit-bearing plants, discovered from around the world, which have made Prandini Nursery a leader in the Italian sector and also abroad, especially in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe.

Time passes but our enthusiasm doesn’t diminish, rather, with new forms of communication the stimulus and interests enabling us to obtain ever more interesting results. Therefore it is possible to find plants which go beyond the common plants, species and varieties which make Prandini Nursery a unique point of reference.

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