Garden Plants
Garden Plants

Garden Plants

PRANDINI’S GARDEN NURSERY CENTRE does not neglect to serve everything that’s needed by the greenfingered amateur or the sector professionals. The production of hedge plants (LAURUS CERASUS, PHOTINIA RED ROBIN, multiplied cuttings and cultivated in pots so as to always be available during the year.. Pomegranate fruit and flowers, False Jasmine and the Strawberry tree are just some o the many varieties tha PRANDINI’S GARDEN NURSERY CENTRE reproduce and cultivate.
There is no shortage seasonal flowers (Begonias,Geraniums, Petunias, etc) snd also plants for the vegetable garden available in pots or in clumpsof the company’s origins) This reminds us of the company’s origins.
PRANDINI’S GARDEN NURSERY CENTRE ARE EQUIPPED TO DELIVER ORDERS QUICKLY IN Italy and abroad. To private customers, garden centres etc.
You can also buy online. 

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