Health Giving Fruit
Health Giving Fruit

Health Giving Fruit

In the 16th century following the discovery of the Americas, the New World colonials brought a tuber to the old continent which was easy to cultivate, providing vigorous greenery followed by lovely flowers.
Only many years later was it realized that once the tuber was cooked, the potato certainly had other aspects to be enjoyed more than the flowers. That tuber, until then unknown, was that which we know today as the very common potato.
Years, decades and centuries pass, in the meantime explorers, on their return from afar brought back new plants to their homeland and produce strange and exotic fruit but of excellent flavour. Some of these did not adapt well to the European climate, instead others found fertile soil for their growth. You shouldn’t go back through the centuries but in order to find strange species easily cultivated with and even stranger fruit but of an excellent organoleptic, quality. We go to Italy in 1970 and from New Zealand to find a strange fruit as big as an egg, with a brown peel covered in a thick light down, very sweet and they say, it contains a very large quantity of vitamin C: that fruit at the time mysterious is today the very common Kiwi.
Despite the elevated costs of each single fruit, immediately acquiring the consensus of the consumer, the cultivators intuiting a new commercial opportunity imported the first plants and tried to cultivate them, and so after little more than thirty years Italy became and still is today the largest producer of Kiwi in the world.
The potato in 1500 and the Kiwi in 1970 were strange and peculiar fruit, Nowadays they are very common, present on every table, and the plants, the potato in the vegetable garden and the Kiwi, rapidly spread to all gardens from their regional origins of rainy and humid China. With   improved well being, the ease of communication and the chance to travel long distance ever shorter timescales and improved convenience, the new explorers even those who are amateurs or casual, return with plants and fruit as yet unknown to us.
These are the health giving fruit: the potato perhaps number one amongst the most common, the Kiwi surely the most uproarious, the exquisite Mountain Banana and the healthy Goji or Wolf Berry with Prandini’s Nursery’s contribution, could be the next, but, certainly, not the last.
But not only known fruit from distant lands arouse interest.
There are plants of which, for a sort of mental laziness, are not appreciated and evaluated.
It is enough to mention Amelanchie forever considered to be just a garden plant because of it’s beautiful blossom, elegant posture and ease of cultivation, is instead ignored when it comes to its small tasty fruit, with a flavor equal to that, if not beyond that of the more blazoned summer fruit.
Or Corbezzolo and Myrtle, plant symbol the beautiful Sardinia, if well placed, bear fruit even in the cold northern regions. Prandini’s Nursery, with careful and constant research of these fruit, have been able to obtain an assortment which can surely intrigue and satisfy even the most impassioned demands.

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