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Floriculture Prandini – About Us

The passion for plants and the enthusiasm for an outdoor job lead Mr. Arnaldo in the early 1960s to open a small garden shop where to grow as much as possible to meet local needs.
Competence, seriousness and a lot of commitment mean that the skills of Mr. Arnaldo cross the municipal border, bringing customers from neighboring countries who are increasingly satisfied.

The initial garden becomes too small to satisfy more and more customers over time, so it decides to expand and, step by step, buys the adjacent land, building the first greenhouses, laying the foundations for the current company.
It is with the arrival of his son Gabriele that, after completing his studies, he inherits the enthusiasm of his father and by expanding the company even more and modernizing it, increasing the variety and quantity to offer, he makes the company a point of reference for customers and operators.

Always looking for new motivation, without neglecting the production of everything needed for the garden, he discovers and becomes passionate about the cultivation of small fruits and Healthy Fruits.

With trips to Italy and abroad, and with the help of valid collaborators, he has managed to put into production characteristic varieties of fruit trees, discovered around the world, which have made Prandini nurseries a leader in the sector in Italy and abroad, especially in the emerging countries of the East.

Time passes, but the enthusiasm does not diminish: with the new forms of communication the stimuli and interests increase, managing to obtain increasingly interesting results. This is how it is possible to find, in addition to the common plants, species and varieties that make the Prandini nurseries a unique point of reference.

The owners: Gabriele and Jacopo

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