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Cornelian Cherry – Cornus Mas

In the PRANDINI GARDEN NURSERY, you can find the Cornus mas, commonly known as cornelian cherry. It’s a small fruit bearing tree that belongs to the dogwood family cornacea. This plant has European and Asian origins. The cornelian is a tree of average dimensions, it can reach a height of 5 meters, lives very long and it’s a very vigorous plant that survives in low temperatures.


The cornelian favours loose soil, that is drained well and fertile and moderately and limestone, but it also adapts to dry and stony soils; it doesn’t adapt to soils that are too compact and damp.


The flowers are hermaphrodites, small and gathered into umbrellas that have a width of about 2 cm. After the blossom you have the edible fruit, drupe fruits that are of a vivid red colour, they have an elliptic shape, they are 2/2,5 cm long and inside you have a hard seed; these can be picked at the end of the summer. Some varieties of Cornelian cherries distinguish themselves for the colour of their fruit, that can be yellowy-white or a deep yellow. The use of this fruit is various: apart from being eaten as fresh fruit, they can be used for the preparation of jams or to take part in mixed jams with other fruit, gelatine, sauces and as an ingredient in different types of preparations. They are also used to create fruit juices and alcoholic drinks


The Cornelian boasts astringent properties thanks to a substance called tannin, in fact it allows you to restore the intestines natural balance, but not only; the plant helps to tackle feverish states. It also contains many Mineral salts like sodium, calcium, potassium, iron and manganese.


The Cornelian puts up with any pruning, but if we want to maintain it in its natural shape it’s best to touch it as little as possible and at the end of winter remove only the broken and out of shape branches.

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