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Nut Tree – Corlyus Avellana

The Corylus Avellana, better known as the Nut Tree, can be found at PRANDINI’S GARDEN NURSERY. Belonging to the Corylaceae family is a large sized shrub. Which can reach a height of 5 – 7 metres. It is bush like, the branches start directly at the base of the plant and develop freely.


The Nut Tree is is adapt to any type of soil, but clay soil is not advisable. It is important that it is well drained and that there is no stagnant water.


The Nut Tree grows quite quickly and is able to re-invigorate following damage after a hard winter or drastic potting. The leaves are simple and wedge shaped with indented edges. The Nut flowers are unisex: the male element appear at the beginning of Winter, they are yellow and last until the end of February; the female element is magenta and look like gems, and appear with the arrival of Spring. The nuts can be harvested in Autumn.


Nuts are rich in properties which are excellent for human health. It is known to contain good fats which help to reduce cholesterol, fibre, vitamin B9, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and phytosterols. Nuts can also be used in gastronomy, not only whole but also as a flour, and from this nut oil can be extracted, nut milk is an excellent drink too.


Potting the Nut Tree is relatively simple, it is advised to rear it as a bush. It is important to cut away the dry parts and shorten all the branches, remove the branches which may be preventing the light from reaching internally of the plant

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