Decaisnea Fargesii
Decaisnea Fargesii

Decaisnea Fargesii

The Decaisnea Fargesii is a species that originally comes from Western China, that you can find at the Prandini Garden Nursery. It’s a shrub that is characterised by a fragile wood that reaches an average height of about 5 meters.


The Decaisnea Fargesii needs an acid soil, fertile and cool, but that has a good drainage capacity as it doesn’t tolerate excessive water stagnation. With regard to the exposure, it would be appropriate to graft it in a sunny area or in mid shade, keeping in mind it’s need of a moderately damp soil, especially during the warm season, to avoid excessive dryness in the soil.


The blossoming occurs at the start of summer, when the characteristic “cobs” appear, similar to falling bunches, that are yellowy-green and about twenty centimetres long. The Decaisnea Fargesii is fertile on its own and consequently it’s not essential to have several specimens for fruit bearing. During Autumn, the plant produces typical hanging pods of a blueish colour, from here the name that was assigned to it, that contain several blackish seeds in a jelly pulp, that give the shrub a remarkable ornamental effect.


The fruit from the Decaisnea Fargesii is usually consumed fresh, therefore eating the jelly pulp inside, that has a distinctive flavour that has an aftertaste of watermelon-cucumber, being careful to remove the black seeds that are in lines along the pod. It doesn’t have particular properties apart from the high content of pectin the fruit has.


Only aesthetic and restraining pruning is necessary: the Decaisnea Fargesii needs pruning, thinning the internal branches, leaving room for the new vegetation.

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