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Rasperry Strawberry – Rubus Illecebrosus

The Rubus Illecebrosus is a fruit belonging to the rosaceae family, the same family as the noted red raspberry. This small berry has its origins in Asia, specifically in Japan and has been widespread in Europe for a short time.

The Rubus Illecebrosus or Raspberry Strawberry, is considered a shrub because of the shape of its fruit. It is deciduous and can reach a height of 1.50 metres, so it is not demanding in terms of space needed; it shows no signs of weakness in cold winters, typical of our country and doesn’t suffer in periods of drought. It is particularly adaptable to all types of soil as long as it is well drained, and can also adapt zones of partial shade. The production period is concentrated during summer, specifically in August. The flowers are hermaphrodite and are pollinated by insects. The fruit is slightly more acid compared to the traditional raspberry, but they are excellent for making jams and when eaten fresh.

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