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Four Season Strawberry

At PRANDINI’S GARDEN NURSERY CENTRE you will find the strawberry plant which comes from Continental Europe. It belongs to a perennial category which is characterized by for having significantly reduced dimensions: in fact, this plant can reach a maximum height of 15-20 cms.


The strawberry shows a preference to loose semi acid soil which has a good organic mix. It is not recommended for soil which has a high presence of active limestone, in that it could have aspects of ferric chlorosis. The cultivation strongly fears stagnant water and saline water, above all that caused by chlorides. Therefore it is advised avoid excesses of fertilization and specifically those which contain chloride.


The strawberry plant has a peculiar characteristic, that is it forms tufts of somewhat small leaves: the leaves draw support from the presence of the trunks which are also particularly delicate.
During the course of the Spring season and also during the last days of Summer the strawberry plant is able to give us diverse flowers, obviously characterized by their extremely reduced size, with five petals of a typical round shape, white and sometimes with a pink stripe.
Exactly in the period between Spring and Summer, the strawberry plant produces its characteristic fruit, small and pitted with seeds.


This Spring fruit contains numerous beneficial properties, thanks to its high quantities of vitamin C,1 and B2, simple sugar and pectin, but also xylitol, folic acid, digestive enzymes and tannin. According to some institutes, all of these main actives render the strawberry a precious ingredient able to hydrate and re-enforce the immune defense system in a natural way supplying to the organism another arm against tumors and other diseases, counteracting ageing of the cells and the formation of wrinkles, metabolizing fats, stimulating the circulation and combatting. Hypertension. Apart from this, it helps to slow the formation of tartar on the teeth, it represents a natural ally against muscle tiredness and dysentery, but is effective also in the case of solar eryte.

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