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Pecan Nut- Carya Illioinensis

At Prandini’s Nursery you can also find the Pecan Nut tree which belonging to the juglandacee family and originally from Northern America. It is a plant that can reach a height of 40 metres if it finds itself in a climate favourable to its demands.


The Pecan Nut tree prefers a very wet soil, rich in organic nutrients, but can adapt to a poorer soil; it needs large quantities of water to grow well and doesn’t tolerate prolonged periods of drought. If positioned in an acid soil it can offer us conspicuously more nuts compared to when positioned in a calcareous soil.


The plant has minute male and female flowers, which begin to open in Spring and a exclusively pollinated by the wind. The fruit has a hard woody shell which covers a kernel inside, which is rich in oil and other nutrients important to human wellbeing. As soon as the nut reaches the right stage of maturarsi,the husk opens allowing it to fall to the ground.


The Pecan Nut is made of equal quantities of protein and saturated fats and food fibre. This fruit is rich in natural antioxidants and impedes cholesterol which deposits on the walls of the arteries. Regular consumption contributes to efficiently prevent heart disease and lower the probability of having a stroke. The oleic acid it contains has a, anti-tumor action, important to maintaining the prostrate. Vegetarians and vegans can also benefit from its precious nutritional properties.


Eliminate excess branches, those which are dead, hanging or old. Potting will help the plant to thrive without becoming excessively big. You should also think about the bushes which grow at the base of the same plant. Weeds obstruct the growth of the young trees and absorb the water necessary the healthy development of your cultivation.

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