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Sweet Potato – Ipomea Batatas

Sweet potato, better known as American potato should not be considered the classic tuber but rather it is a tuberous root. It belongs to the Convolvulaceae, genre ipomea; it is a perennial medium sized plant with very decorative leaves, despite the fact It is mainly cultivated in tropical zones, you can find this plant at Prandini’s Nursery.


Questa tuberous root needs a rich loose soil so as to develop without too much resistance in the soil. The America Potato should be planted when the temperature is around 10-12°, it should be watered with moderation until the plant begins to thrive and then you should intensify watering.


The sweet potato should be watered regularly, from March to October, less during cold periods. In Spring we can witness the blooming of a beautiful funnel shaped flower of a pinkish violet hue.


The sweet potato is rich in substances which are beneficial, and of which it lends to our organism. For example it contains fibre, and the yam can prove useful in cases of constipation whilst its vitamin A B6 and C content not to mention its mineral salts content such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese and phosphorous make it a good natural supplement. An advantage which the sweet potato offers when compared to the common potato, is to have a lower glycemic index. In the skin you find a substance, so called Cajapo, which benefits the lowering of cholesterol and blood glucose.

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