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Bird Rowan – Sorbus Acuparia

The Bird Rowan belongs to the Rosacee family; its name derives from the fact that in days gone by it was used by people to capture their prey, birds which nested and fed on its red berries. This plant lives the mountains at altitudes between 600 and 2000 metres above sea level where you often find ash, beech and fir tree woods.


The Bird Rowan requires a sunny, well ventilated position; it doesn’t fear the cold, but can suffer damage during the Summer when its too hot, so it is advised to position it in semi-shade if you live in a place characterized by the heat.
It can be cultivated without problem even in areas where the Winters are stiff.


The Bird Rowan before the red berries, presents a candid white flower. It needs a few hours in the sun everyday in order to develop well. The fruit matures between the months of September and October, but are normally eaten over-ripe or semi over-ripe in November. They are picked by hand, but in order for it to become edible, it has to undergo a process of


The fruit can be eaten fresh or alternatively you can make a cider with it, rowan jam, liquors and sauces. At one time the fruit was strung, so as to appear to be rosary and laid out to dry on mats, after you can extract the flour to make bread, especially during periods of famine. The production of cider, much noted in days gone by it was made simply by fermenting medium soaked fruit flesh, In herbal medicine the fruit has astringent, diuretic, cleansing, refreshing and toning properties. Moreover the juice of the Bird Rowan is used in cosmetics to regulate oily skin. As it is also a very decorative plant with an abundance of fruit, the Bird Rowan can be used ornamentally more than as a species of fruit. Very much indicated in biological cultivation and to enhance areas considered to be marginal.
To conclude, the Bird Rowan species was planted close to the houses in the North of Europe, because it was thought to keep at bay thunderbolts and unclean spirits.

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