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Soap Tree – Sapindus Mukorossi

Sapindus is a genre of the Sapindaceae plant family, which includes shrubs and small trees native to hot and tropical regions of both the New ond Old World. The genre includes bothe deciduous and evergreens. These plants are also known as soap plants, for the use of the seeds in saponification.
It is harvested between September and October, when the fruit becomes golden and sticky. The flesh is extracted after and the husks left to dry; they consist of 15% highly concentrated ‘soap’ ,which, apart from protecting the plant from parasites and contains excellent cleansing properties. The production of Sapindus mukorossi respects and protects the environment:
The Sapindus, after about nine years of growth, produces fruit for about ninety years. The plant also establishes excellent fertilization with surrounding soil and desertification embankments. Photosynthesis persists throughout the life cycle of The Sapindus Mukorossi, which transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen counterbalancing the global overheating effect. Beyond that the Soapnuts are 100% biodegradable and thereby compost well.

  • Absolutely harmless to any type of skin, because it is 1005 and without chemical additives. Therefore can be used by who suffers from allergies or dermatological conditions.
  • Economically. In fact with its use it is possible to save up to 50% with respect to conventional detergents.
  • Efficiency. The cleanliness with Saponuts is equivalent to those of other traditional or ecological detergents
  • Non Aggressive. Washing with Saponuts protects fabrics and maintains colours. The soap does not corrode any part of the washing machine and prevents the formation of calcium
  • Ecology. In fact the Saponuts do not pollute and are made of a constantly growing substance.
  • 100% Biodegradable Once used the Soapnuts can be composted.

An effective ecological and versatile remedy to washing, for personal hygiene and for cleaning the house!


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